TJ McNally's athletic ability and drive made him a natural leader growing up. During high school, even as a freshman, he led his baseball team to the Florida State Championship and set his high school career rushing record in football with the least amount of carries. By his senior year, T.J. was the fifth leading rusher in the entire state of Florida and received scholarships to the University of Central Florida, Connecticut, Akron, Illinois State, Samford and Richmond. He committed to University of Richmond, where he started at Fullback, for the next three years. After suffering a serious neck injury, T.J. chose not to get surgery, foregoing a career in NFL. Instead, T.J. got into business finance and used his understanding of teamwork, passion and drive to make money and help others. Starting with only a 700 credit score as a lead, T.J. was able to make over 20 million dollars within 5 years and live a real life dream.

After having attained financial wealth, thus freedom, and experiencing mostly everything most people dream about at record speed, T.J. experienced his first major test in life when he was taken advantage of by a bad finance partner who happened to play in the NFL, forcing T.J. to lose everything he had worked so hard to attain. This was a life lesson indeed, which set the tone for T.J. to elevate to new levels and become America's top Credit, Freedom and Wellness Expert.Soon, after having his finances destroyed and properties forced into default, T.J. was eager to learn every detail of America's credit driven system, financing system, attorneys and tax law to rebuild himself. T.J. soon learned that everyone wants financial freedom, but they don't teach you how to go about getting it in college or really anywhere else that is mainstream. He plans on changing that for everyone.

Even if you make good income, if you have to go to a job every day, you still do not have real freedom. Freedom is worth a million dollars per year. Today, T.J. continues to live his life opposite of the masses as an entrepreneur and rather teaches them how to get real freedom in life. It all starts with duplicating exactly what he did: take his 700 credit score with no money in the bank and make over 20 million dollars within 5 years. If you are tired of paying money to the same old real estate and motivational guys for weekend party seminars and books that do nothing for you, and want to actually DO instead of TALK, contact T.J

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